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Corporate Fitness & Programs

Many companies think that installing some fitness equipment at the office will encourage employees to exercise, in turn getting the benefit of healthier employees. This is far from the truth. While providing exercise equipment to your employees is one step in the process having a successful exercise program takes planning and expert consultation. Rather you already have an exercise facility or are in the planning stages we can provide you with the necessary guidance to make it a success.

We can provide you with a thorough program to make sure your employees see the benefit:

  • Gym Equipment Selection and Space Planning - Get Equipment that Achieves Goals

  • Break Room and Cafeteria Food and Beverage Selection

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Exercise Paths, Goals and Plans for Employee's Needs

  • Insurance Consultations for Benefits to Employer Provided Medical Plan Cost

  • Speaking Engagements to Educate Employees

  • Audits of Exercise and Gym Programs

Gym Equipment
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We Now Offer 1-on-1 ON-SITE Fitness Training at YOUR GYM!

Rates Starting at $129.00 per hour, per person. Contact Us Today for Scheduling and More Information!!

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