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Corporate weight loss challenge

Healthier employees increase productivity and decrease medical cost but above all it sets up your staff for a healthier lifestyle that will forever benefit themselves and their families. We have all seen offices and groups of staff competing in "weight loss challenges." It's a great idea but without the proper monitoring and guidance can become unhealthy - and sometimes downright dangerous. We can build a weight loss program that's not only safe but also highly productive with excellent results.

Let us keep your weight loss challenge productive:

  • Develop Nutrition Guidelines for Participants

  • Presence On-Site to Lead Workout Sessions

  • Develop Healthy Snack and Break Room Menu's

  • Interval Body Measurements and Tracking Throughout Program

  • Presence On-Site for Education Sessions for Healthy Eating and Fitness

  • After-Hours and After-Program Support for Continued Employee Health Maintenance

  • Blood Analysis Programs by Approved Labs and Doctors for a Full Picture of Employee Health

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